If the product does not meet your expectations and is unused, you can replace it with a different or similar one in another size or color.

If you are unsatisfied with your product/s purchased from CASA LINEN for any reason, you have 5 days, from the day you received your order, to request a total or partial replacement of your order. The order receive date is shown on the courier delivery receipt.

If the request will not be made within the days span mentioned above, then CASA LINEN retains the right to refuse delivery of such return.

Qualifying for product/s replacement, you have to fill out the ‘’Returns Form’’ and send it by mail to [email protected] or let us know on +30 210 3601957.

Return the product/s in the perfect condition in which you received it, ie to be complete, without damage and without removing the special markings of the product, within the package that you received together with the transaction document. This option does not apply to seasonal products or products purchased at a discounted price or on offer. The sender, who in this case is the customer, is responsible for the items until they are delivered to us. If something happens to the items during the return shipping process, then the customer is responsible for the items, they remain in his possession and we can in no way be held responsible for any items before they are delivered to us.

The consumer has the right to withdraw unjustifiably within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product.

Return Cost

The customer returns the product/s via any courier company he chooses and pays the return cost exclusively. Returnings charging the return cost to CASA LINEN will not be received.

In order, to qualify for product/s replacment, all the following conditions must be met:

return product/s within 5 days from the day you received your order

returned product/s must be in good physical condition, unused and in original packaging without removing manufacturer labels

return product/s accompanied with the order’s receipt and the Return Form filled

Returning Address

Casa Linen Private Company

20 Kanari str,


Athens Greece

Postal Code: 10763

For further information, please contact with our customer support at +30 2103601957. 

 or via email [email protected]

Defective Products

In case of a “Defective on Arrival” product situation, CASA LINEN takes full responsibility concerning return cost, product replacment and reshipping cost.

Return Policy remains the same as described above.