Feel the breeze of the sea with the marine collection. Designed for yachts but also for prestigious homes located close to the coast and beaches, or for the summer months in general. At Casa Linen we work globally providing high quality linens to a wide range of yachts and super yachts of all sizes. Working with private clients, ship builders, interior designers from all over the world providing their bed, bath and table linens to the exacting standings which they expect. Not only providing the marine division of world class brands for linens, we also have a studio located in Italy manufacturing our own bespoke collection. Linens manufactured to the clients specifications using the finest fabrics.

Towels for yachts break down into two categories.

Interior towels: Soft white towels are easier to maintain. They don’t fade and can be replaced without any visible difference in shade.

Exterior towels: Deck and swimming towels are usually longer. Anything from 160cm long is perfect for a deck. Treated with UV filters, long life can be assured. Having bespoke deck towels embroidered with the yacht logo is always an option.

All bed linens are individually made to the right size and shape of each bed.  High quality luxury bed linen fabrics are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Expertly woven by some of the finest fabric houses in Italy and in a variety of thread count from 200 to over 1200 giving them a finish and look that is expected by the client. Keeping to a white base embellished with detailing or embroidery is recommend for practical use. However, a wide variety of colours and finishes is available.

Most yachts require three styles of table linen: a breakfast set, a lunch service and a formal dinner set. The tablecloth, napkins and placemats complimented with napkin rings and table accessories work together to the exquisite finish. Generally speaking the breakfast sets are less formal and can be more playful. The lunch set should be suitable for exterior use. Dinner service can be more formal.