When it comes to bedtime, nothing beats the feeling of cocooning yourself under a cosy duvet. Whether you love the whisper-light warmth of down, or a plumper, more comforting texture, our collection of natural and hypo-allergenic duvets promises to keep you the perfect temperature all year round.

Duvet & Pillows

Guide to thermal gradient

The thermal gradient is used to meet the host’s heating needs, depending on season and room temperature. As a general rule, we follow the below guide for each season. For each one of the products warmth rate, represented by the symbol **

***** Extra Winter – Ideal when the bedroom is not heated, in particularly cold situations or, in any case, for those who are sensitive to the cold.

**** Winter – If there is winter weather and the bedroom is heated for a few hours a day, the Winter version is the more suitable.

*** Spring – A winter duvet for constantly heated places, with room temperature around 20°, or for midseason use.

**Summer – The Summer model is the perfect solution for areas with a warm climate or with air conditioning keeping the room between 22 ° and 24°  

* Summer Light – When at home and out the temperature is warm, around 25°, or with the AC from 24°, the Summer Light model is suitable.


The 4 Seasons Option

Let yourself be pampered by the Four Seasons solutions. An original couple of duvets , kept together by practical buttons , to be used together for very cold nights , and separately when winter is not so harsh or in summer. A vast assortment of down duvets to satisfy any demand in terms of warmth and softness.

The 4 Seasons Multinight

Same bed, different heat demands? The solution is the Multinight version. On the one side a double duvet, on the other two detachable single duvets: a customizable solution based on your needs of warmth.

Outside: The fabric
In pure 100 % cotton , it guarantees a perfect transpirability . The thick ‘wave’ working prevents down and plumules from coming out.

Inside: The padding
A duvet is made of cluster down, that is, the lightest and the most impalpable down, and plumules: the noblest and the most precious source of raw material comes from Eastern European geese. Pay attention to its weight: on the same volume, the lighter is the down, the higher is its quality.

Antibacterial and Anallergic
The thermo – hygienic treatments , and the very strict controls that the feather undergoes in the sterilization phase, have , as a consequence , the almost total elimination of bacteria and microorganisms. Moreover, the fabric used to contain the padding has such a thick wave that dust (that is , the ideal habitat in which mites proliferate ) is virtually sealed off.


Whichever duvet you choose, rest assured that each and every one is rigorously hand-plumped after being made, creating a perfectly even, fluffy fill.

duvet pillows


We know that a good night’s sleep is essentials.

The pillow is the faithful companion that is close to us for many hours a day, every day, throughout our lives. 

Casa offers its own pillow menu, a menu that is available in store and gives you a choice between soft or firm pillow. Available in various sizes and filled with different materials.

This will help you finding a pillow that fits your back and neck.