Bed Accessories


A bedspread can create the perfect look in your bedroom. Our exclusive bedspreads and quilts are made in a range of fabrics including luxurious silks, cottons and velvets in linear or geometric quilted threads and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Beautiful as bed covers, these bedspreads also make wonderful soft throws for relaxing on a sofa or day bed. Whichever option you prefer, tie the bedding together with a matching quilted pillow.

Plaids & Cashmere Blankets

Premier bed blanket specialist offering the finest luxury Cashmere Blankets from around the world. 

Cashmere is a very precious and fine natural fiber that comes from the Cashmere Goat or other species of goat that live at very high altitudes and produce an extremely fine ‘downy hair’ that enables the animals to live in this very demanding environment. The goats are not harmed through this process. 

Our range of cashmere blankets compliments the most amazing choice. You may also like our extensive range of pure Merino wool blankets or piquet blankets which are also a great choice for the summer months when the A/C is always on.

Decorative Cushions