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Casa are premier linen shops and the leading destination for those seeking household, yacht linens, objects and gifts. The company was founded in 1982 as a ‘Pratesi’ distribution for Greece. In early years, it has been constantly growing and new firms were introduced together with its own main collections.

Since then, it focuses on the distribution of luxurious household linens, objects and accessories for the bed, bath and art de la table. The tradition has continued to evolve over the years into new, contemporary forms, without compromising on elegance offering the finest collections from companies all around the world.


Casa’s products are divided into four main categories:


The Classic Collection: true to the tradition of lace with a timeless style;

The Contemporary Collection: modern in style in line with current trends, but still with a strong emphasis on exclusive elegance and simplicity;

The Marine Collection: inspired by the sea, ideal for yachts but also for homes located close to the coast and beaches, or for the summer months in general;

The Made to Order Collection: creations made exclusively to order. Customers may choose any design, colour combination, size, quality etc. in any collection

Whether main collection or made to order, the beautiful products provide the luxurious final polish needed for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms.

Quality is guaranteed by the materials and fabrics used which are selected among the finest on the market and often exclusively produced for us. They range from fine cotton percale to Egyptian cotton sateen jacquard, from damask to muslin, to pure silk and linen. Towels are made of the softest pure cotton terry, high absorbent in 30 different colours. It is therefore, particularly known for the quality of its cottons, laces and linens, as well as its exceptional embroideries.


We, together with the companies we represent, have supplied a great number of super yachts, most of the luxurious villas in Greece and many around the world, lear jets & private islands. All of which were custom made to their owners’ high-end taste and demands.

The second generation of the family is now involved in the business, with new enthusiasm but the same passion and love for finer things of life.